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Warning, this article contains mild spoilers for the movie Lightyear.

Wow, this movie was really good. It was charming, goofy, serious, and chock full of character development. Let’s dive in.

People are making a bunch of memes out of this movie and it surprised me, that according to Google, only 46% of people like this movie, but, it’s good for what it is, I mean we do like Sox the cat, and Mo the Sox wanna be. That’s not what I’m here to talk about, I am here to talk about those moments in the movie. When the movie started we learned that Buzz was a bit of a DIY kind of guy, he didn’t want help from anyone, which caused him to get the whole Turnip “marooned on a strange planet.” Which even further causes him to miss out on almost his entire life. It reminded me a lot of the opening scene from Up. I also really enjoyed the scene where Izzy faces her biggest fear, space, to save Buzz.

Anyways, if you compare the lines from Buzz at the beginning of the movie to the lines at the end, you’ll hear very different things. Also, I just want to talk about the technology in the movie for a moment, because I think Ivan is hilarious and he reminds me of Iron Man’s computer, Jarvis. I think it’s funny that Buzz is so good at losing important items like weapons and ships.

Overall this is a slightly intense, but amazing movie 3.5 spaceships out of five.

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