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I’ve been saying forever that I’m going to start a blog about our travels as a family.  Mainly because people are always shocked at how often we go away.  Our main travel location these days is Disneyland and the people in my social circles tend to find it amusing how often we head down there.  So, I talk and talk about how it might be interesting to keep track of the things we do together as a family, but I don’t really have a lot of action.  Enter: Dave.  Dave is a man of action.  What starts as a flippant comment, ends up as a full blown event with Dave.  So, I casually mention that with all our sumer travels coming, it might be fun to be able to post pictures and such about what we’re up to.  Bam!  I wake up the next morning to find a website complete with login ready to go for me.

So, Mouse Ears in Paradise.  Why?  I guess mainly because we love Disney as a family, and I’ve always loved the beach and the water, so most of our free time and vacation dollars tend to go to these things.  I guess I hope the name becomes a little more obvious and sensical over the course of the blog.

Everyone in our family enjoys planning our next trip.

One of the main questions I get from people (aside from why?), is how do we keep our vacations affordable.   I get thisfrom friends at the gym, church, mommy group, etc.  Mainly, we don’t really buy each other presents.  Dave does always manage to outshine me on this and come up with something spectacular a few times a year, but generally speaking, we don’t purchase gifts for Christmas, Anniversaries and Valentine’s Days.  We buy each other one present over the course of the year – our Annual Pass to Disneyland.  It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.  Yeah, it’s still expensive, but it comes with the gift of time which to me is priceless.

So, we will see where this blog brings us, or maybe where we take the blog.  We travel with a two and half year old, so you know it’s going to be an adventure.

Sharing with your friends!

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